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2056cc Engine - Build In Progress!

One of the biggest decision to make when building a performance 914 is the engine. For the 914, one has several options. The 914 came from the factory with basically two engine designs. First, is the flat four boxer engine, also known as the Type IV VW engine. These came is discplacements of 1.7, 1.8, & 2.0 liter. Additionally, Porsche also provided it's six cylinder boxer engine, from the 911 T. These cars were known as 914-6.

Prior to restoration, my car had in it a 1911cc engine, which is basically a 1.7 liter with a big-bore kit. While the power was decent, the engine was getting tired, and it wasn't built to what I consider high standards. So with this new engine, the objective was more power and performance, and built with no shortcuts.

Both the Type IV engine and the Porsche 6 cylinder engine are air cooled engines. Today, there are no air cooled cars being produced. It is tempting to some to replace the air cooled engine with a water cooled powerplant. There are many today that are putting engines from American or Japanese cars into 914s. However, the air cooled engine is what makes these cars unique. Instantly their sound brings back memories to those who have been around these cars. To preserve the car's German heritage, I knew the car could only have one of the two air cooled engine designed by VW or Porsche.

At first, I was of course drawn to the six cylinder engine, as it was developed clear into the 90's. However, rebuild costs for these engines are quite expensive. And of course, obtaining a six cylinder engine would mean buying one from either a wrecking yard, or taking someone's word as to the condition.

Far more appealing was to rebuild the existing engine, utilizing the improvements that are available today. An engine kit was purchased from Jake Raby at Aircooled Technology, who specializes in the type IV engine. The engine, in outward form would be similar in appearance to the 2.0 liter engine. Enhancements would include improved rocker arm geometry, larger pistons, heads from new castings. The heads were reworked with the Porsche 2.0 spark plug angles, and having the 3-stud intake pattern. Dual Dellorto 40's would provide the fuel/air mixture, and the exhaust would be Stainless-Steel SSI heat exchangers, coupled to a performance muffler. The expected horsepower of this combo is 125-130hp, whereas the stock horse-power of the 1.7 liter engine is about 80 hp.

I'll be updating this section shortly, as the engine is almost complete...



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More to come! Build is in progress...




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